Last Updated May 2022


Tarun Bisht


Research interests include Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Signal Processing and Generative AI. My current interests include self-supervised learning in vision and speech understanding which includes learning robust feature representations from data in a self-supervised manner, streaming end to end speech recognition systems etc.


M. Sc. in Computer Science, Kumaun University (2018 – 2020)

  • Thesis- Application of object detection in home surveillance system
  • Research Focus- Creating low compute object detection systems for home surveillance.
  • Percentage- 76.55% | Division- First | Rank: 1st

B.Sc. in Computer Science, Physics and Mathematics, Kumaun University (2015 – 2018)

  • Percentage: 65.48% | Division: First


Research Co-Coordinator | The Sound of AI OSR, Remote | 2020 - Present

Initiated the application of transformers in automatic speech to text module of NeuralNet music synthesizer which is an open-source research project with team of voluntary researchers and software professionals around the world, achieved decrease in error rates of output text from model by 20% by fine tuning, applying data augmentation and adding decoding algorithms to model output.

Academic Research | Kumaun University, Nainital | (2020)

Created a cheap alert system for monkey theft detection, accomplished low error rates by using state of art detection algorithms at that time, increased detection fps from 1 to 24 by converting trained model to tensorflow lite which enabled the system to be deployed in a raspberry pi, also provided software solution for previously installed ip cameras.

Research Scholar | National Children Science Congress (NCSC) | (2010-2012)

Actively presented research experience papers in NCSC, The research topics include Land resources: use for prosperity save for posterity and Energy: explore, harness and conserve.


Co-Founder and Developer | The Gamer Studio | (2017 - 2019)

Co-Founded game and app development business, developed over 8+ games, 3+ mobile applications and 2+ softwares solutions out of which 9 apps and games were delivered and published to google play store with two apps over 40K+ and 13K+ downloads - Unity | C# | JAVA | Python | Flask | PHP | Git | Project Management | Project Design


Worked as a freelance educator, the teaching subjects include Computer Science for bachelor’s students and Physics, Mathematics for 10 to 12th-grade students. I also write educational tutorials related to computer science and artificial intelligence on my website.

Awards and Certifications

  • Awarded UGC NET Junior Research Fellowship (2021) for Phd in Computer Science
  • Qualified UGC NET (2020) for Assistant Professor in Computer Science
  • Qualified GATE (2021) in Computer Science and Engineering organised by IIT Bombay.
  • UGC NET (2020) - Organised by UGC (University Grants Commission) for Assistant Professor
  • Rank 2 out of 41 in object detection competition organized by dockship (2020).
  • Kaggle Rank 139/1138 in Google Research Football and 388/1219 in G2Net gravitational wave detection challenge
  • Data Science Math Skills Coursera - Coursera (2020)